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GOD OF WARも人気です♪

中国ドラマ 「 三国志 ~趙雲伝~ 」

12月27日 (水) PM 6:00 ~ BS12 トゥエルビ で放送スタート! 

毎週月曜日 ~ 金曜日放送

全59話 中国語・日本語字幕




中国ドラマ 金鹰独播剧场 「 武神 赵子龙 ( 武神 趙子龍 / GOD OF WAR Zhao Yun ) 」

2016年4月3日から 中国 湖南衛星テレビで放送


GOD OF WARですね、わかります

<<4 Hints Game>> 4つのヒントから答えを出すとてもシンプルな英語のゲームです。3つ目や4つ目はたんざくにして黒板に貼ると、生徒の動きも出てきていいと思います。


She is a 16-year-old girl.
She flies in the sky on the Möwe.
She keeps a fox squirrel called Tet.
She lives in the Valley of the Wind.

She wears long dark hair in a twin-braid.
She has the hanging amulet of the flying crystal.
She was saved by Pazu.
She is a Princess of Laputa, the true heir to the throne.

He is a member of the secret military.
He wears sunglasses.
He said, “Look, people look like garbage.”
He is trying to be a king of Laputa.

She was 13-year-old witch.
She fries in the sky with broomstick.
She has a black cat named Jiji.
She started her delivery service in the city of Koriko.

She is a 10-year-old girl.
She wanders into a mysterious world.
She was captivated her real name by Yubaba.
She appeared in “Spirited Away”.

He is a young wizard.
Though a wonderful wizard, he is shanty and wimp.
He signs a pact with Calcifer.
After living with Sophie, he’s grown to be a man.

She is a fish-girl.
She likes hams very much.
Her real name is “Brunhilde”.
She is transformed to a human when Sosuke kisses her.

She is a 14-year-old girl.
She is very small.
She must not be seen by humans.
She lives under the floorboards.

Her real name is “Marian”.
She has pale blond hair and eyes in the color of the sea.
She lives in a mansion over the salt marsh.
She became a best friend with Anna.

She is a small cute girl.
Her brother is Seita.
She loves drops.
She is a girl who appears in Hotaru no Haka.

He is very very strong.
He can fly in the sky.
His friend is Krillin.
His rival is Vegeta.

He is a former thief.
He was Bulma’s ex-boyfriend.
He’s gradually assumed a position of a loser dog.
His partner is Pu’ar.

Her hair color is light blue.
She is a daughter of Dr. Brief.
She invented the Dragon radar.
She got married to Vegita.

He is very very strong.
His father is king Cold.
His  subordinate is the Ginyu Force.
He once died in the planet of Namek but he was revived later.

He is called “White-haired Budda”.
His motto is “You give in, and the game is over”.
He often has Hanamichi tap him under the chin.
He is a manager of Shohoku high school basketball team.

He was a member of Shinsen-gumi.
He was the captain of the third unit of the Shinsengumi.
He fought against Shishio with Kenshin.
His finishing move is “Gatotsu”.

He is brilliant, good-looking and a fabulous athlete.
His sister is Sayu.
His father is Soichiro.
He picked up the Death Note, met Luke, the god of death, and turned into a psycho killer.

He is very strong.
He can use “Haki.”
He has become a rubber man because he ate the devil fruit.
He wants to be King of the Pirates.

The manga is set in Kameari, Katsushika-ward of Tokyo and its downtown.
It’s a gag manga written by Osamu Akimoto.
Kankichi Ryotsu, the police man is the main character of the manga.
Its 40 years-long series finished in 2016.

He is an anime character.
He fights with enemies by burning his Cosmo.
He fights against enemies to protect Athena.
He is dressed in the Cloth of Pegasus.

He is very very strong.
He cries “Atatatatatatah” while beating and defeating his enemies.
His brother is Raoh.
He is the successor of Hokuto Shinken.

He is a tyrant who dominated the world after the nuclear war with terror and violence.
His horse is Kokuoh.
His last words were “I have no regret in my life”.
His brothers are Kenshiro and Toki.

Her hair color is gold.
Her mother is Promethium of the machine Empire.
She travels around the universe with Hoshino Tetsuro.
She travels with the Galaxy Express 999.

He is an ace pilot of Zion Principality Air Force.
He is known for his famous remark: “Nothing’s doing, if not hit”.
He is called “Red Comet”.
His rival is Amuro Ray.

He is beyond human, a superhuman.
He fights with evil supermen to protect the world.
Fighting against evil supermen, he’s grown to be a hero.
He is a prince of Planet Kinniku.

He is a genius surgeon having no medical license.
He asks patients for a large payment.
He has stitches on his face.
His assistant is Pinoko.

He is a playboy.
He is a famous thief.
He has used the gun-Walther P-38.
His partner is Jigen Daisuke.

He is a captain of the Metropolitan Police Department.
He is on loan to ICPO.
His first name is Koichi.
His reason for living is to arrest Lupan.

His body color is blue and white.
He has a pocket.
He has six beards.
He came from 22nd century.

He likes bread very much.
He has a factory.
He works at a bread factory.
He made Anpanman.

He is an anime character.
He flies a UFO.
He is always with Dokin-chan.
He hates Anpanman.

She is a 8-year-old girl.
She is from Shizuoka.
She is an Irie elementary school student.
Her grandfather is Tomozo.

He is 5 year-old boy.
His thick eyebrows and close-cropped head are characteristic.
His sister is Himawari.
His mother is Misae.

He lives in New Tokyo –third city.
He has fought with Angels many times.
He is the “Third Children”.
He is a pilot of Evangelion Unit 01.

He is very nervous.
He is a clean-loving person.
He is said to be the strongest soldier of all the humans.
He destroyed many Titans.

He is a boy with grey hair.
He has a genius at gambling.
He is both insane and unselfish.
He fights with Washizu in Mahjong game.

He is a captain of a pirate ship.
One of his hands is an artificial hand that looks like a hook.
He is afraid of the ticking clock sound.
He fights against Peter Pan in Neverland.

She is princess of the Kingdom of Arendelle.
She was always in a castle until she became an adult.
She has the magic power of snow and ice.
Her sister is Anna.

He is a snowman.
He longs for summer.
He has an arm made of unbreakable wood, 3 strands of hair, and buckteeth.
He was made by Ersa and Anna at first.

He is a white fat robot.
He lives in San Fransokyo.
He is made by Tadashi.
He has stayed with Hiro since Hiro’s brother Tadashi died.

They are anime characters in America.
Their body color is yellow.
They have big eyes.
They have the habit to serve the most powerful boss of the era.


He is a detective.
He’s resolved many knotty cases.
When pondering, he puts his fingers on his forehead.
His subordinate is Imaizumi Shintaro.

He is a Jedi knight.
He has a strong Force.
His sister is Leia.
His father is Darth Vader.

He is very strong.
He was once Anakin Skywalker.
He always wears a dark helmet.
He is a father of Luke Skywalker.

He is a cyborg.
He was made by Skynet.
He is known for the line “I’ll be back.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger played the role in the movie.

He is a pirate.
He is a flip luck-pusher.
He is a captain of the Black Pearl.
He appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean as a main character.

He is a wizard.
He is a student of Hogwarts.
He can speak the language of snakes.
His parents were killed by Voldemort.

It is an adventure movie in the universe.
It is a film depicting the growth of Anakin Skywalker and his children.
R2D2 and C3PO appears in the movie.
“The Force Awakens” released in 2015.


She was born in the bamboo.
She was proposed by 5 princes.
She returned to the moon on the August Moon.
She is a main character of Taketori Monogatari.

He is a video game character.
He gets bigger when he eats mushroom.
He travels to destroy Koopa.
His brother is Luigi.

It is an animal.
It swims very well.
It lives on the tree upside down.
It moves very slowly.

It is a beast in legend.
It is also a symbol of protection from evil.
It looks like a lion.
It is a guardian statue in Okinawa.
















































・彼の有名なセリフは、「I’ll be back.」である。









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